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Camby Indiana Daycare - Miss Sandy's Family Child Care - Mooresville / Decatur township/ Planfield

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Letters of Reference


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
 Caveats: NONE
I have had the pleasure of knowing Miss Sandra Moore since 1999. She has been, in the past, charged with the care of my daughter, now 9  years old. My daughter, Sabrina has special needs due to an heritary  condition known as Celiac disease. Though this is known as a "mere" food allergy, by most of the general public, it really is a Autoimmune Disorder that affects not only her absorbation of nutritients, but has caused her behavioral and hearing problems. It is reported to affect 1
 in every 133 Americans and these figures are possibly under reported. Ms Moore took care of Sabrina when she was younger and unable to speak for herself. Ms Moore perpared special meals under the guidance of the nutritionist, and followed all the wishes of a cautious parent. She spent extra time with Sabrina, assisting her in areas that she could  not manage due to her size, strength or limits. Never displaying 
frustration or worry when Sabrina was either behaving in a difficult  manner or was having a hard time adjusting to the enviroment. Even after Sabrina began school in the public system, Ms Moore made a point to keep in touch with her and as needed, redirected her in a encourgaging manner that Sabrina had responded so well to in the past. Sabrina continues to speak highly and fondly of Ms. Moore. Sabrina will always have to challenges with Celiac, her limits are
challenging to her and others but she has been fortunate to have been given solid positive support from caregivers like Ms Moore.
 Thank you
  Lori Sigmon
 Classification: UNCLASSIFIED